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Why Third Party Online Gaming Surveys are Mandatory

Wagering is a sensitive issue and a fragile category. Panelists who risk their funds can be resistant to provide trusted information toward the institution or company they are wagering their dollars within. A competition exists that is not present to be found in any other consumer product category.

US Gaming Survey has earned the wagering public’s trust as a totally impartial source of research in a sole category, online wagering behavior in the United States. Our unbiased reports have served as compliant facts serving both the casino industry and political lobbyists supporting bills for and against legislation and legalization of online gaming in the U.S.

Why Our Custom Online Gaming Surveys Make the Critical Difference

With your entire business plan at stake in an entirely NEW online casino venture your specific questions need to be answered. Unfortunately, severe U.S. legislation including the 2006 UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act) have created a very difficult situation gauging accurate consumer behavior for a panel operating Offshore engaging in an “illegal” activity. Comparisons to European online gaming habits and especially measures against U.S. land-based casino behavior have proven to be highly ineffective and totally unreliable.

As an example, U.S. Gaming Survey has been commissioned by the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) to create two 36-question custom surveys answering their specific custom information needs. Most recently, The 2012 U.S. Online Poker Survey© has served as a benchmark of current poker player behavior with answers that have echoed Presidential results and Social Gaming trends.

Why Our Panels Deliver The Truth For an “Unknown Category”

Assumptions are very costly and cannot be trusted. Our extensive proprietary panel surveys largely dedicated to current U.S. online gaming participants are a roadmap to a virtually unknown, unchartered new category.

Missing to date has been important proof and key anonymous category demographic data, pro or con to support legislation and future operation. Until now both sides have relied on very limited resources from scattered opinion polls and telephone surveys. With accurate tabulated responses, US Gaming Survey can now expedite the issue properly and acquire a large representative sample plus insightful objective analysis on a variety of your online wagering specific questions.

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