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Firmly supported by 15 years of the public’s proven and unbiased trust, US Gaming Services is a unique marketing research and consulting organization focused upon one defined category: U.S. Land-based & Online Casino Wagering. Specifically, US Gaming Survey is able to measure, analyze and accurately forecast the United States public behavioral position for both segments featuring proprietary historical access to the new domestic online wagering sector.

Proven immensely different from more mature categories (including U.S. land-based gaming and European online gaming), United States online wagering has been largely ignored, unknown and properly researched and forecasted. Now, necessary predictive modeling behavior is obtainable via a database of information only available through USGS passage to the current offshore internet wagering industry. This offers a key respondent base plus other highly valued gaming-experienced panelists we can access sharing accurate, non-biased feedback our clients rely upon.

US Gaming Survey is in a unique position to create tactical spreadsheet data plus optimum, measurable full-analysis results with the finest marketing research panel survey software. Our consultative studies draw astonishing conclusions affecting BOTH gaming communities - the inherent land-based gaming market plus the quickly emerging multi-billion dollar potential of legalized, regulated online wagering in the U.S.

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