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Presidential Election Outcome could hinge on Poker Player Votes in Key States

Recently an online gaming research company (, conducted a study to see how determined American poker players are to see legal and regulated poker in the United States.

American poker players were queried about their likely votes in the Presidential and Congressional elections and whether they would alter those votes if another candidate came out in support of legal and regulated online poker in a recent study by The 2012 U.S. Online Poker Survey queried Poker Players Alliance (PPA) members asking them about their current political affiliation and whether they would consider changing to an opposing party if the other candidate came out in favor of legal and regulated online poker while their usual candidate didn’t. Over 3,500 people over the age of 18 completed the survey and almost 70% said they would be willing to change their vote. Respondents to the survey represented all age groups, income levels, education levels and religious backgrounds including 11% female respondents.. Results indicated an almost even 50-50 split between those who listed their affiliation as Democrat or Republican.

The results of the survey were mind boggling and even caught CEO Jim Quigley by surprise. “We knew that poker players were passionate about the game,” Quigley said, “but we didn’t think so many would switch their votes just for the ability to play legalized, regulated poker in the United States. It clearly reflects how badly Americans want the ability to play poker in an environment where they don’t have to constantly be looking over their shoulders.”

Along with those who were affiliated with either the Democrats or Republicans, almost 80% of undeclared poker players stated they would vote for the candidate that supported online poker regulation and legalization. Results were similar across all states including the two main swing states of Ohio and Florida. Florida has one of the highest percentages of poker players in the U.S. therefore a declaration by either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney in support of online poker could indeed put them over the top in that state.

Along with the question relating to the vote for President, asked participants whether support for online poker would influence them to vote for that candidate in their local elections including Congressional seats for example. Again, almost three quarters of respondents indicated that support for online poker would greatly influence their decision on who to vote for in Congress. Given the large number of states in the Congressional elections that are too close to call, that support could be significant in swinging the election. The 2012 US Online Poker Survey highlighted 10 states that are too close to call in Congress right now and the results, if proven correct would catapult one candidate over another should they come out in favor of legal and regulated online poker.

The results are abundantly clear. Poker players are indeed very passionate about their activity and are willing to cast significant votes for candidates prepared to fight for their freedom to play in a well regulated, legal and taxed U.S. environment. Worth noting, in 2006 poker players in Iowa helped defeat incumbent Congressman Jim Leach. Will the same thing occur on Tuesday?

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